World Cup day 1 preview

It is finally here World Cup 2018! Over the next four weeks we are set for a feast of football and I will be looking towards the action as everything plays out.

There is only the opening match on Day 1 as Russia get ready to stage the World Cup for the first time and while it may not be that exciting a game on paper it means the tournament is finally here!

Russia v Saudi Arabia

The two lowest ranked teams in the tournament meet in the opening game which it is hard to argue isn’t the worst opening game in the history of the tournament.

Neither team come into the tournament in any sort of form but it is crucial for either team if they have hopes of progression.

Uruguay are the favourites in one of the weakest groups in the tournament with Egypt and Mo Salah also set to provide a test for the hosts.

With Russia not having to qualify for the event they have had to make do with friendlies as a warm up for the event but have struggled albeit against some of the better teams in the world.

Since qualifying Saudi Arabia have also struggled results wise but have shown enough that they may not be rolled over as much as some may think.

Russia are heavy favourites for the match with home advantage, but the odds for them to win aren’t worth it considering they have struggled to score many let alone win.

Either way the world will be watching and even if tonight’s match might not be a classic it means the start of a fantastic few weeks for football.


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