A busy weekend but the right moves from Tommy

After the season came to a conclusion last weekend Tommy’s early moves in the window would always be crucial but it is hard to argue against the decisions he has made.

We have done incredibly well as a group of fans to raise nearly 85k for the boost a budget. However, Martin Gray was always one to spend money and ask questions later, the time to change this is now, thankfully Wright seems to agree.

Every penny needs to be spent wisely and having a smaller squad is important to this. In the second half of this season, a number of players were not getting a look in and simply have to leave for us to be able to strengthen elsewhere.

Gary Brown and Leon Scott leaving will be hard for both players but it will be the best for them and us as a club. Both have had a huge role in the club’s most successful, title-wise, period in our clubs history and have been fantastic servants on as well as off the pitch. Enough could not be said to praise them, but when we look back at this period both will be two of the names first talked about.

Greg Mills is another to be released and again it comes as no real shock. Mills had a couple of good games for us at the start of 2018 but it hasn’t worked out for him and is well behind Gillies and Thompson in the pecking order.

The final player released so far is Liam Marrs. It is a difficult one as for many when he played in the 2016/17 season he more than held his own at this level. However, Tommy clearly prefers Luke Trotman at right back and budget wise it is hard to justify having two players for each position.

Terry Galbriath was a must to get tied down to a contract so getting him signed on is huge for the team. We have seen him play in numerous positions over the years but he has adapted to all of them. One of the really crucial players in this squad next season.

Josh Gillies is the other to sign a new deal and in recent months he has shown why he deserves it. On paper, he is as talented as any in the squad and when he turns it on he is too hot to handle at this level. If Tommy can get Gillies, Styche and Thommo playing at their best together no defence at this level will be able to stop them.

Others remain who still have time left on their contracts but it is yet to be seen what will happen. It is a difficult situation when they are not players Wright has brought in but if we are unable to offload them loan moves might be the best we can do.

The majority of the key players in the first team have signed new deals in recent months and the squad is really coming together.

A couple of key positions still need to be addressed, in goal being the most important for me. However, the squad on paper is looking a strong one and if we can get them playing together we could really have a strong chance of challenging at the top end next season


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