Burnout Paradise Remastered review  


Burnout returns to the gaming world with a remastered version of one of its classic titles that will have you racing, crashing and jumping all over Paradise City once again. 

Remastered games are certainly the in things at the moment, COD, Crash and just recently the announcement of Spyro to name a few. While people will see them as companies trying to make a quick buck, if it is a big title and people want to play it again why not. 

From dropping into the game I felt straight at home. In its day it really was a classic, one of the earliest driving only free roam games it offers an event at every crossroad for you to compete.  

It is what you want from an arcade racer fast paced action that never stops. The events are broken down into races, road rages when you need to destroy so many rivals, marked man where you simply need to survive and stunt runs when you take to the air to get points for exciting jumps. The idea from ten years ago is simple, addictive, easy to play racing fun.  

Remastered games are always hard to judge, is it worth spending so much for a game that people have already paid for? 

The in-game updates are limited, if you play on the highest spec versions of the game the graphics look clean but not a huge improvement on the original. Likewise in a time when fast travel is a norm in games, it still does not make an appearance in Burnout. While for the majority this won’t be a problem if there is one specific event you are trying to complete after a failure you have to drive back to the start to attempt it again. 

The soundtrack is very 2008 with some classic songs in there it certainly isn’t a bad thing that it has not been changed.

The learning curve is a perfect one it is tricky at times, but most players will be able to complete events within a few goes. 

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One of the main plus points for those who had the original game is the DLC. The original was one of the early titles to offer a really good DLC package and the title comes with most of this included so for players such as myself who didn’t play it the first time around it really is a great addition. Big Surf Island is the main attraction but also online elements and bikes which could easily be a game in its own right. 

In the first few weeks since it came out I have managed to get the platinum trophy for the main game but still find myself on less than 70% completed of the game. There is so much to do and to fully complete everything the game has to offer will take a long time.  

Like I said early if you buy Burnout Paradise Remastered or not will depend on your view of games being remade. For new players, it may feel a bit outdated in some aspects, but more than holds its own still against the other arcade racers on offer currently. For those who have played it before if you loved the game ten years ago you will not be disappointed.



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