FIFA Weekend League Feb 3 – the struggle continues

Despite my poor display with performances and results in the second week I was ready to go again.

Having the Friday off work made a big difference and pretty much having a free weekend meant I knew I should be able to get all 40 games in without a huge struggle.

From mid afternoon I had the whole of Friday to try and get through as many of my games as I could, but ultimately this would prove to be my downfall.

I started off with two wins playing well fully concentrating, but yet again it all unravelled pretty quickly.

On Friday I ended up playing 24 games pretty much straight with no distractions, but it was simply too much.

For pros at the very top of their game focus is a big part of their success, but playing so many games in a row I really struggled.

Each individual game for the average player requires a lot of concentration, as lapses at this level are inevitably punished.

By the end of the night I was playing games I didn’t really want to in an attempt to play as many as possible, it was my downfall. 10-14 shocking.

After Fridays exploits I didn’t have a massive urge to play Saturday, but I felt I needed a change in my team. I had a few big name loan cards that I had never used and thought attacking wise I would use one a game to see how I got on.

First I went for Henry, the card was incredible simply incredible in comparison to my normal players. I only played four games on Saturday 2-2 The two wins were comfortable while the losses were both against stacked teams, but games I nearly won.

Starting the final day I was 12-16, 12 games to go. I left it relatively late in the day and I knew I was going to be rushing to get through the 12 games it started very well with help from Henry and then three games with loan Ronaldo. The difference in results and performance was huge.

The first few games with one of the above I did well. Similar to Saturday I was winning games and those I wasn’t I was pushing the opposition a lot closer then before.

The difference after when I went back to my normal players was amazing.

In my rush to play through the games I ended up on terrible run which meant I finished dreadfully on 17-23.

A few lessons to be learned from my worst weekend of the three.

1. For average players breaks are key to allow full concentration for as many games as possible.

2. Having a fantastic team would make a difference. It wouldn’t make me 30+ wins but it would certainly add 5-10 on per week.

3. When it becomes a grind as it did during my spell on Friday night the game really loses its fun element for none elite players.

I will play again this week to give myself one last shot and to try and boost the monthly rewards, but after that I can’t see myself playing weekend league much further this year.


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