FIFA 18 February Weekend League 2 – Is this fun?

After the opening weekend finishing 21-19 I was relatively optimistic for my second crack at the Weekend League.

I also got a bit of luck in my rewards with two ones to watch which I got a decent profit from, Lukaku and the 45,000 coins for finishing gold 1. I also bought Kante which meant for two of the players I had used for since the start of FIFA 18 were out.

The plan was slightly different to the previous week and I knew it was going to be a struggle to get the games in.

Thankfully I managed to squeeze a few games on Friday and Saturday to ease the struggle, knowing in advance I would need to play the majority on Sunday.

Friday I only got through three games and not having played for a few days I was well off the pace. 1-2

Saturday I ended up playing more than I thought I would be able to and for the day I went 6-2. I found myself playing well and in a good mood, which all FIFA players will know isn’t something that happens all the time.

Going into Sunday I was on 7-4 with a mammoth 29 games to go!

I knew I wasn’t going to get all the games played, despite playing well on Saturday I simply didn’t have the urge to try and play them all.

I started the day four wins short of qualifying for the next weekend, but this became a real struggle.

All it took was a couple of defeats in a row to change my mood. One game I was 2-0 up but managed to lose to three late goals.  I knew I was playing opponents I was better than but I was convincing myself everything was against me. Out of the first 12 games I played on Sunday I won only three, just terrible from me.


By this point, I had lost any interest in playing and just wanted to get to the 11 for the following week. I went back to Rashford up front instead of Lukaku and it started to click after one win I had a little spur to get to 13-13, but that was enough.

For the majority of my games on Sunday, I did not enjoy it one bit. Frustrating is the word I would use.

This is only the second weekend in a row I have tried seriously played it and already I’m losing the urge to complete the games. Why spend so much time out of my weekend to not enjoy doing something.

I would imagine for the better players who finish in the higher elites this must be different, but everything in the FIFA community screams it is the opposite.

For weekend 3 I have a lot more time on my hands, but if I play all 40 games is another question.


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