Fifa 18 February Weekend League- the realisation of the grind

This month sees the world’s best FIFA 18 players face off in FUT Weekend League to try and get the best record of 160 matches across the four weekends. I am going to attempt this to see how I match up along with the pros and cons of the weekend league system.

Since the weekend league was intoduced on FIFA 17 i have only played it four or five times, with the appeal of playing so many games not being great. Maybe if I was a teenager it would, but pushing 30 I know I would struggle to get the games done. The most games I’ve managed in a weekend league is 27 finishing 15-12 in November 2017.

So with February being a qualifying month I thought I would see how many games and what record I could get even if I don’t finish all 160.

I would always consider myself to be a good FIFA player, but I definitely have started playing less than i used to 5/6 years ago.

So weekend one was extended to include the Monday before I had even played a game, but with the majority of my Saturday being busy the plan was to do what I could Friday and hammer Sunday.

Friday was split into two sessions with differing results and the break worked well for me.

I started with 3-5 all the games that I won were comfortable while the ones I lost were all tight.

However, after returning home and having had a breather things clicked. Six wins in a row meant losing my last game of the night wasn’t such a disaster as I finished Friday 9-6 by my standards I was pretty pleased.

I was hoping to get a few games in on Saturday, but after a full day I left it without any further games.

Starting Sunday I planned to play as many of my 25 games left as I could.

I don’t know if it was without a warm up or the standard was better but I played four games on the morning only for one win to take me to 10-8.

Thankfully the afternoon brought reward, as similar to the Friday night I went on a run of wins. The games weren’t that close I dominated took chances and at one stage was 15-9.

Still a long way to go but under the new rules of only needed 11 wins to qualify for the next weekend league, my first task had been easily done.

However, it quickly went sour. I was 2-0 down in ten minutes in the only game I had major connection issues with, the problem was it was disastrous, unplayable. I’m not sure if it wound me up or I went through a spell of playing better opponents but my record quickly tumbled.

After a break I managed a few more games during the superbowl but my motivation had gone. It may have been down to the sheer amount of games I had played in the day or a bit of anger but my head had gone. 18-18.

Thankfully with the weekend league being extended I could come back on Monday to finish the games and having had a day off I won the first three meaning despite defeat in my last match I ended 21-19 Gold 2

For someone who doesn’t play that many games on a weekend I found it tough and by late Sunday it felt like a chore.

Over the whole weekend there was only a handful of games I felt out classed picking up wins against sides with plenty of icons, one in particular.

For the average player concentration and focus is the key, I definitely lost mine at times and it probably cost me a handful of wins.

Still for a first full weekend to have more wins than losses I’m relatively happy.

Bring on this weekend


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