Darlo 1v1 Spenny a good point or two dropped?

I’m always reluctant to settle for a point at home, but at half-time on Monday, I would have taken someones hand off for it.

After Telford and North Ferriby, I like many was a bit deflated. We suddenly faced our neighbours after two bad results while they travelled to Blackwell Meadows with their tails up.

James Caton has become a bit of a scape goat over the last two games and it was probably a good thing for him to be taken out of the firing line as we changed formation.

However, it definitely didn’t work in the first half, whatever the plan was. We had a couple of half chances one which was created by a goalkeeping error, but we were once again second best. The Brewers, like us, didn’t create a host of chances in the first period, but had the majority of the possession and they always looked in control of the game.

The goal showed our vunerability and while it was a great finish, the build up saw our defence and midfield all over the place.

Thankfully,  whatever Martin Gray said to them at half time it worked, the same 11 looked a different side and for the next 25/30 minutes we were on top. Yes, it took a goalkeeping howler for our goal, but we played so much better.

Despite improving Spennymoor still had a great couple of chances to win the game and but for Adam Bartlett along with wasteful finishing we could have easily lost.

Even taking into account the second half it was another disappointing performance against a side who I expect to finish around where we do come April.

The change in formation did little to change the recent mood and to be honest made us play more direct if anything.

In an ideal world, I think  Beck needs a rest, but don’t know if we have a game plan without him.

On the plus side despite a couple of wobbles, I thought Collins had a very solid second half, he seemed to win virtually every header after the break.  It was also good to see Tom Portas get some more game time, which is exactly what he needs.

Again, I was disappointed with the attendance. I’m sure some don’t agree, as it was our first 2,000+ crowd of the season, but if you take out the away fans, it was less than 1,700 home fans. It was a local game, on a Bank Holiday Monday and the weather was fantastic, maybe just me, maybe I aiming too high.

Come the end of the season I would settle for a playoff place, but as always in football, it is hard to look past the last few results. For us, four without a win.

At least we have two easy games next up, away trips to Southport and Chorley.



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